Can I Have 2 Pag Ibig Housing Loan?

Are you looking to purchase a new home or expand your current residence and want to know if you can take out two housing loans with the government-run Pag-IBIG Fund?

You’re in luck! This blog post will help explain your options and answer the question of whether or not you can take out two Pag-IBIG housing loans.

What is the Pag-IBIG Fund?

The PAG-IBIG Fund, also known as the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), is a savings scheme that is managed by the Philippine government. It was established to help Filipinos finance their needs such as buying a house, renovating a home, starting a business, investing in mutual funds, and more.

The fund is made up of contributions from both employers and employees who contribute a certain percentage of their monthly salary.

Can I Have Two Pag-IBIG Housing Loans?

Yes! You can have two active Pag-IBIG housing loans at one time provided that you meet all the eligibility requirements for each loan. However, it’s important to note that only one loan at a time can be used for purchasing real estate property.

That means if you already have an existing loan for purchasing real estate, then you cannot use the second loan for this purpose. But if your existing loan has been fully settled and paid off, then you may use your second loan for purchasing real estate property.

In addition to satisfying eligibility requirements, there are other conditions that must be met before taking out multiple loans. For example, applicants must have been making contributions to their HDMF account for at least 24 months prior to applying for their first home loan.

Furthermore, they must also have contributed at least 12 months’ worth of payments before they are allowed to apply for additional loans after they receive their first one. Finally, applicants must make sure that they don’t exceed 80% of their total accumulated savings when taking out multiple housing loans.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Eligibility requirements: To qualify for a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan, you need to be a Pag-IBIG Fund member with at least 24 monthly contributions, and you must not be more than 65 years old at the time of loan application. You also need to have a stable source of income and must not have any outstanding Pag-IBIG loans.
  2. Loan entitlement: The maximum loan amount you can avail from Pag-IBIG depends on several factors such as your membership status, your actual need, your capacity to pay, and the appraised value of the property.
  3. Capacity to pay: When applying for multiple loans, it is important to consider your capacity to pay. You need to ensure that your income is sufficient to cover the monthly amortization of both loans.
  4. Loan purpose: You can avail of Pag-IBIG Housing Loans for various purposes such as purchase of a residential property, lot only, house construction, home renovation or improvement, or refinancing of an existing mortgage.

To apply for a second Pag-IBIG Housing Loan, you need to settle your first loan and must have made timely payments for at least 6 months. You also need to provide additional requirements such as proof of income and updated employment records.

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It is advisable to consult with a Pag-IBIG Fund representative or a licensed real estate professional for more information about the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan requirements and application process.


In summary, yes it is possible to have two active Pag-IBIG housing loans at once provided that all eligibility criteria are met and all other conditions are followed.

Taking out multiple housing loans with the PAG-IBIG Fund offers many benefits including lower interest rates compared to banks or private lenders as well as longer payment terms so borrowers can spread out their payments over several years instead of having to pay back everything in one lump sum like traditional lending institutions require.

We hope this blog post has helped answer any questions about taking out multiple Pag-IBIG housing loans and we wish our readers success in achieving their homeownership goals!

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